Cittern with Strymon Timeline and Strymon Big Sky

This is a short demonstration of my pedal board when I'm playing my Cittern through a Strymon Timelines Delay and the Strymon Big Sky reverb. These pedals can give a nice ambient sound that a I really love playing with.  I did shoot this video during a sound check the last week when I was dong some theater shows. The ambient shows I use a lot for that kind of gigs. One thing that I love with these petals is they work so well with all my acoustic instruments, also mandolin and acoustic guitar. Please have a listen and I then show you the pedals and setup.

Bluegrass Licks Mandolin Lesson - Expand your vocabulary for improvisation

I show you a useful bluegrass lick in A-minor that we also transpose in to G-major, D-minor and C-major. The lick is straight out of the Bill Monroe tune ”Farewell to Long Hollow”.  I teach a method you can use to expand your vocabulary for your improvisation. The lick is based around the pentatonic scales. This lesson also contains how to use a loop pedal when you are practicing soloing.

Bluegrass Mandolin Lesson

Bluegrass Mandolin Lesson - I just posted my first video lesson to my YouTube channel. It´s quite long but I think there´s lot of value and good info there. Learn the classic ”Farewell to Long Hollow” by Bill Monroe. I will teach you the melody and the chords and lesson also includes: double stops, ornaments, play against a drone string, New Grass chords á la Sam Bush.

Have a look and please share it with your mandolin playing friend!