Mandolin Mondays Feature - Silkesvalsen (the Silk Waltz)

This week I´m very honored to be featured at Mandolin Mondays! It´s a very cool YouTube channel hosted by David Benedict that every week presents mandolin music from various players. Check it out!

I play one of my Nordic dance tunes, it´s Silkesvalsen (the Silk Waltz), a traditional fiddle tune from Sweden that dates back to 19th century.

Next week i will publish a tutorial for the same tune on my own youtube channel. 

Sveriges Nationaldag 2018 - Falu Gruva - National Day of Sweden

Malin Foxdal (sång) och Magnus Zetterlund (gitarr) framför ”I denna ljuva sommartid” under det svenska nationaldagsfirandet vid världsarvet Falu gruva, 6 juni 2018.

Malin Foxdal (vocals) and Magnus Zetterlund (guitar) are performing ”I denna ljuva sommartid”. The video is from the celebration of the National Day of Sweden, 6th of June 2018 at the World Heritage Site of Falun copper mine.

Mandolin Blast Chords like Chris Thile & Mike Marshall - Intro to Begåvningsmarschen - Tutorial

In this mandolin video lesson I show you how I play the intro for the tune Begåvningsmarschen. I learned the technique of Blast Chords from Chris Thile and Mike Marshall when they played the song ”What a Blast” from the album ”Into the Cauldron”. We cover some powerful chords, interesting chord inversions, right hand rhythm, and drum effects for the strumming technique. 

In my music theater costume! - Acoustic Folk Guitar

This is a vlog style video with me playing and talking about the tour I made this spring. I play a tune called Going West that is part of the music theater piece I´ve been working with, ”On the other side of Swede Hollow”. Watch the video and join me on one of my working days. I´ve got a new camera and try to be creative with it to learn all the cool things I can do with it. Timelaps, slowmotion etc. I use a Collings Guitar and a partial capo from G7th. 

Avicii - Hey Brother (acoustic cover live instrumental by Primus Motor)

In the memory of Avicii(1989-2018). The success of the Swedish artist Avicii was enormous and the impact he made was huge. Even folk/jazz musicians like Primus Motor was influenced by his music. When playing for a young audience we sometimes played this tune, and you can tell they appreciate it. This take of ”Hey Brother” was recorded at Palmkrantzskolan, Östersund, Sweden in November 2014. It feels like a good moment to share it now. Tim Bergling, R.I.P. 

Mandolin Lesson - Begåvningsmarschen - Nordic Folk Music on Bluegrass Mandolin

In this mandolin video lesson it´s me, Magnus Zetterlund, showing you how to play a Scandinavian traditional wedding march on mandolin. This is a tune called Begåvningsmarschen from Härjedalen in Sweden, that dates back to the 19 century. I play a Phoenix Neo Bluegrass mandolin. This is a series of videos that I see as a introduction to Nordic folk music played on mandolin.

Winner - Dalecarlia Music Awards

award winner_magnus zetterlund
dalecarlia music awards_magnus zetterlund

I´m proud to tell we won the Dalecarlia Music Award for best Folk music of the year. That feels great! :-)
Malin Foxdal Trio - "On the other side of Swede Hollow" , "På andra sidan Swede Hollow"

I´m not a fan of music competitions but after being a full time professional for 10 years I know that an award can mean a lot when it comes to booking gigs and things like that. It will boost the coming year a bit.