Mandolin Lesson 2 5 1 chord charts Q & A - Free Download - Live Replay

In this video lesson I’m answering your questions about my free chord charts. Movable three string shapes. Major 7th, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th chords. 

How to move these chords around? 
What about the 3rd in the chord? 
How to play 9th chords? 
Are there specific Jazz Patterns? 

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Swedish Mandolin Mafia - Järna Mandolin Festival 2018 - Rehearsal and Concert

Here is a video with Swedish Mandolin Mafia playing a traditional Finnish marsch, Peli-­Jussin Syömämarssi. The group is lead by Magnus Zetterlund (Sweden) and Petri Hakala (Finland).

 The video was recorded at outdoor rehearsal and live concert in Järna, Sweden, August 2018.

Video by Sandra Eriksson.

This years MANDOLIN festival Brogärde/Järna, Mandolin Festival is happening August 10-11, 2019.


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Memorizing Music - J S Bach Goldberg Variations - LIVE Replay - Mandolin Lesson

memorizing music_mandolin lesson.png

In this video I’m playing the Goldberg Variations no1 by Johan Sebastian Bach on mandolin. I also show how to use the technique of Back-chaining to speed up and improve the ability to memorizing music. Go download the free sheet music and TAB at my website if you want to play this fantastic piece that I first heard with Chris Thile and Mike Marshall.

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Go Here To Download Free - Sheet Music and TAB

Malin Foxdal & Magnus Zetterlund - Acoustic Folk Music - Guitar, Octave Mandolin & Vocals

Malin Foxdal (vocals & octave mandolin) and Magnus Zetterlund (guitar) are performing 3 songs at a church concert in Bräkne/Hoby, Blekinge, Sweden. June 2018. 
Song info:
”I sing” music and lyrics: Malin Foxdal. 
”Spelmannen” lyrics: Dan Andersson, music:Malin Foxdal
”I denna ljuva sommartid” Lyrics: from the Swedish hymn book, Music: Sofie Livebrandt

Mandolin Microphones - Live Sound Setup Tutorial

In this video I talk about mandolin microphones and the setup I use for live concerts. We will listen to my DPA 4099 clip on mic, my K&K Mandolin Twin transducers and my DTar Solstice preamp/blender. Links to tech products in the bottom of description. There´s also a short music example with me playing with my band Nordic and Dalasinfoniettan. That video clip is made by Simon Hjortek.