I´m Magnus.
Musician, composer and teacher.

Music is the greatest thing the human being developed over the years. Especially mandolin and guitar, right?

I recently brought my teaching online and I’m proud to present my other website MandolinSecrets.com. Feel free to check it out!
I´m also a columnist for the e-magazine Gypsy Jazz Secrets Magazine. If you´re in to that kind of music it´s a must have magazine I think.
I also have a Nordic Folk Guitar course coming up in 2019.

At the moment I´m working a lot with my online lessons and courses. In January I´m looking forward to play with my band Nordic again and also lead some mandolin workshops. In February we´re making a short tour with Malin Foxdal Trio in the middle part of Sweden. During May we´re going to Germany with Nordic so as you can see there´s plenty of things going on in 2019.

Please check out my YouTube channel, my Blog and hook up with me in social media.

I´m happy to share the joy of playing the mandolin and guitar with you.

Best wishes! 

Falun, Sweden, January 2019.

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