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Here you will find video lessons, sheet music, TAB, tutorials and other inspiration for your mandolin playing.

Magnus Zetterlund teaches mandolin students at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He is also a column writer for Gypsy Jazz Secrets Magazine.

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New E-booklet! release November 28 2017 - delayed

This is a 16 page collection with licks and techniques that will get you playing in the jazz idiomatic language. Each technique is described in text and with musical examples. It´s written with standard notation and mandolin tablature(TAB). Every lick and technique is demonstrated at Magnus Youtube channel. Each lick is easy and you will get them down in 15 minutes, still they are meant to be varied and transposed all over the neck and through every key, that means they will take months to master completely. We cover techniques like Neighbour Notes, Typical Triplet Phrasing, Extensions, Outlining chord changes with arpeggios, adding chromatics etc.

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