I´m Magnus.
Musician, composer and teacher.

Music is the greatest thing the human being developed over the years. Especially mandolin and guitar, right?

I recently brought my teaching online and I’m proud to present my MandolinStudies.com. Feel free to check it out!
I´m also a columnist for the e-magazine Gypsy Jazz Secrets Magazine. If you´re in to that kind of music it´s a must have magazine I think.
GuitarStudies is also in the pipeline with Nordic Folk Guitar courses coming up in beginning of 2018.

At the moment I´m working with the music theater play ”På andra sidan Swede Hollow” with premiere the 8th of November 2017 in Falun, Sweden. In December I will also do a couple of concerts with my band Nordic. Also my colaboration with Finnish mandolin master Petri Hakala is under progress.

Please check out my YouTube channel, my Blog and hook up with me in social media.

I´m happy to share the joy of playing the mandolin and guitar with you.

Best wishes! 

Falun, September 2017.

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